Back to School: 5 Self-Care Tips for Mom

Getting the kids ready to head back to school can be a pretty big drain on time and finances. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of back to school haircuts, clothing, supplies, activities, etc. and quickly forget to take a little time for self-care. Whether your kids are homeschooled, private schooled, or public schooled this is a busy time of year. Here are a few tips to fit in some self-care for mom as well.

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Moms Need New Clothes Too!

When I was growing up my mom owned two pairs of pants. Just two. I remember asking her why she didn’t get a new pair when there were holes in the knees of one. “It’s just not in the budget, raising kids is expensive.” Yes, raising kids is expensive, but you deserve to be in the budget too! Around this time of year there are usually some great deals on mom clothes as well as kids clothes. Plan ahead and make sure to throw a few $$ in the budget to get yourself a new outfit as well. I’ve got tons of cute things in my LuLaRoe shop that are perfect for the mom on the go at excellent prices and a special back to school sale coming up soon. While you’re at it why not throw in a few $5 accessories as well? You can’t go wrong at a price point of $5 to add a little bling to your wardrobe. And don’t forget a new pair of shoes as well. I recently found a pair of my favorite brand Saucony running shoes at a local shoe store in the clearance aisle for only $7! Can’t beat that.

How About Those School Supplies?

Right now you’re probably stocking up on colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, and composition books. All great things to get your kids through the next school year. Well why not get yourself a pretty new pen or notebook as well while everything is on sale and start a personal journal? Journaling has been proven to reduce stress, clarify thinking, solve problems and disagreements, and help you to know yourself better (Check out this article on the health benefits of journaling). Taking five minutes a day to jot down a few things in a bullet journal or maybe spend a bit more time creating a beautiful art journal to pass down to your kiddos can be a huge mood boosting activity. Plus who doesn’t like a pretty notebook or fun pen?

Time to Simplify

Heading back to school means it’s time to pick your classes/activities for the year. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real y’all, and not just for moms. We don’t want our kids to miss out on any opportunity that they have before them. When you have multiple kiddos this means the fees and the time in trekking from one activity to the next really starts to add up. Many kids are now taking an extra zero period before school just to fit in all the electives that they want to take. For my fellow homeschoolers it’s easy to get caught up in so many co-ops, playgroups, field trips, and other activities that we’re hardly ever at home. This isn’t good for the parents or the kids. It’s ok to say no. No you can’t do violin, ballet, advanced art class, 4H and scouts all at one time! You can be truly excellent at a very few things or you can be mediocre at everything. It’s far less stressful to pick a focus and really become excellent at something you truly love rather than thinking you can’t miss out on any opportunity that comes your way. In our family we have decided to limit ourselves to one weekly co-op, one weekly play date, and no more than one additional activity per child. This gives me time as a mom to slow down, spend less, and help my kids become a true master at their chosen activity. When I was growing up in public school my parents were smart enough to have the same rule with me, only one extracurricular activity, and only as many electives as can fit into my regular school schedule. I had to give up drama class after 9th grade because I decided to stick with band. I bet you that if I was trying to manage every school play along with all of my band concerts I never would have made it into the Marine Corps Band when I was graduated. Set the example and teach your kids life is better when you simplify!

Please go to Bed!

Sleep. We all need it, and none of us get enough of it. There is a reason the word Mombie exists! Seriously though it is such a huge part of self-care! I’m sure we all work hard to get our kiddos into bed on time, because we know how much they need adequate sleep in order to be successful learners. Why is it that we struggle to make sleep as much of a priority for ourselves. Now there are definitely times when it’s just out of our control. 2am newborn feedings and teething toddlers can make it rather difficult to get a full 8 hour sleep night. Let’s not even get started on the “Mom, my science fair project is due tomorrow and I need an experiment!” I challenge you to do everything in your power to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night for 1 week and see how your productivity increases. If you could get more done, in less time, and feel better while doing it then why wouldn’t you?

There’s Nothing Wrong With Saying No

Remember that science fair project that’s due tomorrow? Well sometimes it’s ok to tell your kiddo “too bad, guess you should have told me about it earlier!” It is NOT your responsibility as a mom to save your kids from their bad choices. It is NOT your responsibility to make sure that they get A’s at all costs. It is certainly NOT your responsibility to do their homework for them. Not only does this rob you of your well deserved peace and time, but it robs them of the opportunity to learn and grow. I know, it’s hard to watch your kid fail or making bad choices. Ultimately, however, there will come a day when mom isn’t there to clean up their messes. Best to let them learn how to be responsible for themselves now (within age appropriate guidelines of course) by facing the consequences when the stakes are much smaller than losing your job or your house! and speaking of saying no it’s also ok to say no I’m not going to spend that much and a new backpack, shoes you don’t need, the funky colored pencils that cost three times as much as the regular yellow ones, and every single item of clothing your kid thinks is cute. You’re the mom, you get to set the budget. I promise your kid will happily survive the school year without a certain name brand on their butt or a brand new backpack. Plus that leaves more for your mom needs new clothes too budget. 😉

I would love to hear your self-care tips for managing the back to school crazies as a mom. What do you do to maintain your sanity?


4 responses to “Back to School: 5 Self-Care Tips for Mom”

  1. As a teacher, I am begging all mom’s – DO NOT do your kids’ homework. It’s there for them to learn and practice, not just turn in for a grade. I like the idea of asking my kids on certain days if they have projects coming up that I need to buy supplies for. And if I know at least 3 days in advance, I can order from Amazon and don’t even have to leave the house.

    1. I am a total Amazon junkie!

  2. You are so right! As a mom of a toddler going to preschool for the first time AND a teacher, I really need to adhere to your list! Most especially sleep! I really need to work on that one! But your other points like buying something new, but also simplifying your life are really good tips! Back to school time is the perfect time to start anew and prioritize!

    1. Thank you! Sleep is probably the biggest thing I need to work on too.

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