How often have you felt alone, unappreciated, or just plain weird? I know I do, a LOT!!

When you feel like a misfit you often tend to turn that into feelings of inadequacy. “I’m not good enough because I don’t do…..”, or self doubt “should I be doing this instead of that?” Sometimes being a misfit leads you to feeling anger “Stop judging me just because I do things differently!” Often you feel like you are standing outside  looking through the window at all the amazing things you could have if you could only figure out how to get in.

everyone is unique|homeschool|unschool|misfit
Do you ever feel like you are the weirdo licking the window while all the normal people hang out on the other side?

Well guess what? I’ve got a secret for you. Are you ready? Everyone is a misfit! Yep you heard that right. Every single person in this world is a misfit in some way. I say embrace it. Love it. Own it! Being a misfit isn’t bad, it is beautiful. God created us unique for a reason. You are you and it is good. Stop thinking of yourself as a misfit and remember that you are a beautiful individual with your own special talents and abilities. Stop focusing on what you can’t do or don’t do and focus on the amazing things you accomplish each and every day

I may not have beautifully decorated walls, a super trendy wardrobe, or a beautifully manicured set of toes. I don’t do crafts, I don’t like to bake, and I’m not a social butterfly. I’m way too good at procrastinating and making phone calls gives me anxiety. My children’s room looks like a natural disaster and there is way too much whining and bickering going on in this house. Guess what? It’s OK!

I have given birth to 7 little human beings, 2 of them delivered by daddy at home. I have earned my bachelor’s degree and progressed halfway through my Masters while raising my brood. I manage to feed my family three times a day, and most of the time it’s healthy! I have a really high tolerance for the sight and smell of poop (that’s a serious talent, trust me!) My kids do know how to clean a bathroom and do a darn good job at it. I was a US Marine for 8 years. I homeschool all of my kids. I am an artist and photographer. I am me. I am unique and I am wonderful.

family|parenting|homeschool|large family
My family minus the oldest son.

Next time you are tempted to get down on yourself because you are a misfit, just remember, so is everyone else. Jane with the perfect clothes and house and toenails probably feels like a misfit because she doesn’t have children. Jill with the crazy house full of kids feels like a misfit because she doesn’t craft. Anne with the amazing quilts and blankets feels like a misfit because she can’t cook a darn thing. Everyone can look enviously through that window and wish they were more.

Each time I am tempted to get down on myself I love to look at pictures of my kids. Especially the ones where they are sleeping. I did that. I created those sweet little bodies. I’ve managed to keep them alive, and healthy, and happy. They are my life’s work and a life’s work I can be proud of. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if I’m not crafty and don’t bake because I’ve chosen what’s important to me and I’ve done it the best I knew how. Figure out what’s important to you, not your husband or your mom or your friends, but to you. Embrace it, love it, and dedicate yourself to it. When you do you’ll probably find that you fit in a lot better than you think, not because you are the same, but because you have something beautiful and unique to add to the amazing group of unique misfits around you.

sleeping child|homeschool|unschool|misfit
I love watching my children sleep and am always in awe at what I have created.

Today I give you permission to celebrate you! What are you amazing at? What makes you special and unique? Why are you a misfit? I also have a challenge for you. Today it is time to embrace what makes you a misfit and write about it. Then, when you are done, come back and share it here so we can all celebrate with you.


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