Birth Story #7|Cross Country Move at 37 Weeks

In July of 2014 I was VERY pregnant and planning a home birth with CPM Tiffanie Gonzales. I was super excited, comfortable, and ready to go. Then life went a little crazy.

My husband, Cameron, was once again out of work. He had to opportunity to make a trip to Georgia to check out the house we had been renting that the tenants had moved out of and do some handyman work for a friend. While there the pieces started falling into place and the idea was hatched that we should move back. Work was available, a rental home was found, and it just felt right. Only one problem, I was due August 17th!

I told my husband either we’re leaving within the week or we’re not going until a month after bubs arrives. Given he fact that he had no imminent job prospects there in Las Vegas we made the decision to leave ASAP. We packed our stuff into two trailers to be towed by our two vans and hit the road for a 2000 mile trip cross-country. We arrived in GA on July 28th and I don’t think I got off the couch for the next 5 days! Who knew sitting in a car all day could be so incredibly exhausting.

Cross country move at 37 weeks pregnant||iphone photography|birth photographer
Driving through the middle of somewhere USA

Now I had a problem. No home birth midwife would take me on at 37 weeks pregnant, neither would any doctor for that matter. My only options were unassisted home birth or Emergency room and doctor on call. After the beautiful experience of my home birth with #6 I was not anxious to head to the hospital. At the same time without a midwife on call I was VERY hesitant to give birth at home. I couldn’t make up my mind. Finally I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t make a decision. However I felt when labor started and as it progressed was what I would do.

40 weeks came and went with not even the slightest sign of labor being imminent. 41 weeks cam end went and I was getting a bit impatient. At 41 weeks and 2 days after a day at church and relaxing with the family contractions finally begun late in the evening. We put the kids to bed and once again discussed the possibility of going to the hospital. We prayed together to be guided in our birth decisions. I told Cameron that I felt very peaceful and just wanted to labor at home for now. I told him that I was just in the early stages so he should get some sleep. He went downstairs to the couch so that I could roam freely through the bedroom and master bath as I felt the need. I dozed for a while until the contractions got too intense and then hopped in the bathtub around 3am. I called Cameron shortly after that to let him know it was time to come upstairs.

I honestly don’t remember much of the details at that point. I just remember an overwhelming sense of peace and calm that told me everything was ok. Around 5 am baby boy was delivered by his dad with only a few pushes. We weighed and measured him ourselves and daddy tied off the cord.

Birth Photography Atlanta|Winder|Georgia
Look at all that birthday frosting!

I had set the settings on my camera and placed it on the bathroom counter determined to prevent a repeat of my last birth, no pictures within the first 24 hours. My husband did not disappoint and snapped some pictures for me right before and in the few moments after delivery. These are the most treasured images I have of me as a mother. It was while I was looking at these images that the little spark in my mind grew to a full flame of desire. I HAD to be a birth photographer! Every mother needs to own these images so that they can own their birth stories. Having run the gamut from cell phone photos to no photos I knew just how priceless these images of me and my baby were. I can guarantee you I will never make the mistake of not having them ever again!

Birth Photography||Newborn baby photographer|Winder, Georgia|Atlanta Lifestyle and documentary Photographer

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