Birth Story- Baby #5

For baby #5 I was once again a patient of Dr. Joseph Pohl at Gwinnett Medical Center. She was due January 2nd, but I sure was crossing my fingers for a tax break baby! When labor started on December 29th I was very excited!

I don’t remember exactly what time contractions started, but we headed to the hospital around 4 pm. they hooked me up to the machines and confirmed 3-5 min strong contractions, but when they checked I was only dilated to a 3. they told me to go walk around for an hour and come back. I realized that with where I was feeling movement as well as the back pain accompanying my contractions that baby was probably face up. I got on spinning babies on my phone and started the abdominal lift technique with each contraction.

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37 week belly!

When we headed back to labor and delivery they checked again and said I was only a 4. They said they would call my doctor and ask him what to do. He told them that with my labor history he didn’t feel good sending me home and he would come in and check me out himself. This is why I love Dr. Pohl! He knows his clients, understands their history, and truly cares about each woman’s needs. While waiting for Dr. Pohl to arrive my amazing husband went out and got us a footlong turkey sub loaded with veggies to eat. I got a few weird looks form nurses, but luckily none of them tried to tell em I couldn’t have it lol.

When Dr. Pohl arrived he confirmed that baby was sunny side up, which was causing a much longer labor than I was used to. He said baby was low enough it was safe to break my water and that hopefully it would aid in dilation. The nurses moved me to a labor room and started prepping an IV. I told them I didn’t want it, but I agreed to a hep-lock just in case of emergencies. Dr. Pohl came in and broke my water sometime around 9 or 10 pm. Before he left the room he told the nurses that if I showed the slightest inclination to push they’d better run for him because there wouldn’t be much time. When I told the nurse “I’m ready to push” she did just that, but wasn’t quite fast enough.

I tried to relax and not push, but my body knew what it was doing and wasn’t going to be stopped! Rachel flew out onto the bed right as Dr. Pohl walked into the room shortly after 3am on December 30th. He just calmly put his gloves on and strolled over to pick her up and place her on my chest then deliver the placenta. I just loved his calm non-emergency demeanor. He truly is amazing!

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Rachel turned out to be my smallest baby at only 6 lbs. 12 oz. That’s why even though she was still sunny side up the pushing phase was so simple. She is still my little teeny weeny. She barely moved into 3T clothes in time for her 4th birthday!

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Even though the length of labor was very frustrating for a mom used to 5 hours or less it was still a pleasurable experience. Because I had armed myself with knowledge I felt calm and in control. I was also so blessed to have such an amazing doctor who helped keep the calm atmosphere that I needed.

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