Hooked on Phonics- Online Program

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A little over a year ago I was blessed to be told about a one day promotion on Hooked on Phonics in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day. All teachers, including homeschoolers, could get the full app for free! Of course I took advantage. We have absolutely loved it! Two of my kids are reading well after using it and another two are currently learning with it. Even the almost 3-year-old loves to play the games and is beginning to recognize sounds and letters.

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Reading while waiting at the Midwife’s for mommy to have her appointment

The Hooked on Phonics digital program is on Educents for only $29.99. We have two kids who have learned to read, and two more working on it, using the Hooked on Phonics on our iPad. It is WELL worth the full $49.99 price tag IMO so this price is awesome. I have no idea how long this deal will last, but I’m going to be buying it. When I got it for free it was via iTunes so I can only use it on the iPad. Now I will be able to use it on the computer and Kindles as well! They also have all sorts of other hooked on Phonics programs at the best prices I’ve ever seen.

The Hooked on Phonics program includes interactive games, entertaining videos and books to read. Each level has a mixture of the three to help kids fully understand a specific letter and sound grouping. One of our favorites is the Big Pig song.

Hooked on Phonics paired with Life of Fred Beginning readers and tons of reading with mommy has worked very well for our kids learning to read.

What reading curriculum do you use? Do you have any tips for maximizing the Hooked on Phonics program?