Talking About Pornography With Your Loved Ones

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Talking to those you love about pornography | | Porn harms | Fight the New Drug | Dangers of Pornography Let’s face it, the birds and bees sex talk is hard enough. Talking about pornography is even harder. The sad fact is, however, that it is something that is absolutely necessary. In our day and age pornographic images and movies are easily accessible online and children are being exposed to them at a ridiculously young age. A recent study showed that 10% of 12-year-old respondents SELF-REPORTED that they thought they were addicted to porn. 12-year-old addicts. We have to start young reaching out to our children and warning them of the dangers of pornography use.

Why do we Need to Talk About Pornography?

What are those dangers? Check out Fight the New Drug to read in-depth about the many dangers they have identified and studied:

  1. Changes the Brain
  2. Kills Love
  3. Warps Ideas About Sex
  4. Acts Like a Drug
  5. Ruins Sex Life
  6. Leads to Violence
  7. Addictive, Leaves You Lonely
  8. Porn is Based on a Thriving Sex Slave Industry
  9. Affects your Behavior
  10. Hurts Your Partner
  11. Destroys Marriages
  12. Addiction Escalates
  13. Porn is created From Lies

Talking to those you love about pornography | | Porn harms | Fight the New Drug | Dangers of Pornography

It is crucial that parents have open honest conversations with themselves and their kids about the damaging effects of pornography. Fact is that many of us don’t initially recognize the dangers of pornography and once we do we don’t know how to talk about it with those we love. Here are some resources that will help:

Resources for Educating Kids

The Guideline– a free e-book created by Fight the New Drug

How to Talk to Your Kids about Pornography by Dina Alexander

Good Pictures Bad Pictures by Kristen A Jensen

Fight the New Drug blog, and Facebook Page

Resources for Those Struggling With Addiction

Fortify is a video based online recovery program

12 Step recovery groups; SA, SAA, SLAA, SCA, and SRA

Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction by Mark Lasser

Out of the Shadows by Patrick J. Carnes

Certified Sex Addiction Therapists

LDS addiction Recovery Program

Resources for Those With Addicted Loved Ones

12 Step Programs S-Anon, COSA, PoSARC

Mending a Shattered Heart by Stefanie Carnes

Shattered Vows by Debra Lasser

Boundaries and Boundaries in Marriage by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

LDS Spouse and Family Support Guide and Groups 


Have you been affected by pornography addiction in yourself or a loved one? Have you struggled to talk about the dangers of pornography with those you love? What resources have you found to help?


4 responses to “Talking About Pornography With Your Loved Ones”

  1. Definitely a neglected topic when it comes to talking to kids, but something we really need to do.

  2. A bunch of great resources. Luckily for us, this is a topic we are very open about. However this isn’t a topic that is all that taboo in Denmark, so I think that helps make it an open and easy topic to talk about.

  3. Topic that needs to be addressed by parents to their children especially now with so much going on in the world.

  4. This is a much needed truth that needs to get out to our culture, and to the church especially!! Pornography has been devastating in SO many families…it is addictive, and destructive, and demoralizing!

    Thanks for speaking up about the truth 🙂

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