Senior Pictures at Little Mulberry Park in Dacula, GA

At the beginning of the year a new family started attending our church. The Penningtons had just┬ámoved from Colorado. I bet you can imagine my excitement when I discovered they were fellow homeschoolers who LOVED “A Thomas Jefferson Education” as I do. It is so refreshing to be around people who don’t think you’re weird for not worrying about your 7-year-old who doesn’t read well yet or tell you that your 6-year-old wouldn’t be shy if she just went to public school. They scored some bonus points for also being much further along the path than me, I REALLY love have some real life mentors to help me as I figure out this homeschooling journey. The biggest bonus points, however, come from the fact that their kids are amazing! They love my kiddos so much and have become excellent friends and babysitters. I can tell that these kids/teens will be my lifelong friends every bit as much as their parents will.


A few months ago They asked if I could take their oldest daughter’s senior pictures. Abbe was the perfect subject. We had a ton of fun wandering around Little Mulberry Park in Dacula, GA. We made sure to feature her guitar as well, because Abbe is an amazing musician. We even had an older gentleman ask if he should be getting her autograph because she looked like a star!

I am looking forward to taking pictures of the entire family soon!

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