Motherhood is Beautiful- Loving My Mom Body

When I first saw this family photo it was a small thumbnail in our gallery of birth photography images, and I loved it. It was a lovely real life moment of our family. Something I’ve never had captured before. Even though the moment is so beautiful I almost didn’t share it with anyone.

birth photography | | meeting baby number eight | all natural hospital birth
Photograph courtesy of Elsa Shaw Photography

When I made the image large the first thing I thought was “wow, I look fat! No makeup, messy hair, and I’m in my pajamas. I don’t think everyone needs to see me that way.” I even considered for a moment whether I could possibly liquefy myself a bit smaller in Photoshop. Then I stopped. “What on earth is wrong with me?!?! This is less than 24 hours after giving birth to my eighth child. I can’t believe that I am being so hard on myself! I’m Super Womb-an.”

I now believe that this image is even more beautiful because of my appearance. This is a body that has carried and fed eight little humans. This is a body that has given birth naturally eight times. This is a body that has been pregnant, nursing, or both for the last nine years. This is the body that allows me to read, play, and laugh with my children. This is the body that cooks, cleans, teaches, and so much more. This is the body that my husband loves. Most importantly my body is an amazing temple of God and I need to show it more respect.

I am beautiful. My body is amazing. I will share this image with pride knowing that it is a truly beautiful moment that my children and their children can treasure for generations.

motherhood is beautiful| | love your mom body | Exist in photographs
Photograph courtesy of Elsa Shaw Photography

Mom’s please love yourselves. Love your bodies for the amazing things that they do. Don’t hide from the camera or hide away the photos because you are ashamed. There is no shame in motherhood. You are beautiful even with 20 extra pounds, no make-up and messy hair. Motherhood is beautiful in every shape and size. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate it. Show your children the beauty that created them. Give them something to treasure for the rest of their lives. Exist in photographs, it is the best gift you can give after giving them life.

I would love to document these moments for you. Whether it’s a birth, newborn, or family life session I promise you we will walk away with a treasured memory. Contact me for more information.

Have you ever had a photo of yourself that you judged too harshly? What amazing things has your mom body done? I’d love to see your favorite documentary images of yourself! Share links in the comments so I can check them out. 

My Alter Ego; Super Womb-an!

I can’t begin to count the number of times that people have told me I must be super mom. Having seven kids with six of them being eight and under, AND another on the way is inconceivable for most. All of these comments led me to have a TON of fun spending an afternoon creating my Alter Ego; Super Womb-an. From designing and drawing her look to writing down my powers and vulnerabilities the whole process was a blast.

Introducing Super Womb-An!

Super Womb-an||Alter Ego|super hero|super powers|super mom
Meet my Alter Ego; Super Womb-an!

Like all super heroes I have some pretty awesome super abilities:

  • Birth babies in a single push
  • Supersonic hearing and smell
  • Multitasking ninja
  • Ability to detect a lie in three words or less
  • Baby cry and toddler speak translation
  • Magical hugs and kisses that heal any boo boo
  • Can see out of the back of her head
  • Finder of any lost item
  • Ability to function on no sleep
  • Amazing ability to work within tight deadlines and under extreme pressure
  • Creating and sustaining life

Unfortunately the job of super hero also comes with some pretty critical vulnerabilities, super does not equal perfect!

  • Inability to pass up a cold Vanilla Coke
  • Subject to hormonal fits of crying over sappy teen romance movies
  • Often forgets her additional role as tooth fairy
  • Loses all powers when the super suit is out for dry cleaning
  • Uncontrollable heartburn
  • Irresistible cravings for popcorn, potato chips, and crunchy dill pickles
  • Powerless in the face of a grinning or laughing child
  • Can’t pass by a good looking garage sale or thrift store
  • Rodents *shudder*, Super Dad can deal with those
  • Inability to walk away from a great board or card game with friends
  • Instantly enters daydream mode when breathing in a newborn’s smell

If you are a Super Womb-an too I have uploaded the chest logo to CafePress so you can get your own awesome super gear!

Super Womb-an logo on Cafepress | | super woman |alter ego | super hero

Do you have an alter ego? What are your super powers and vulnerabilities?