Zentangle- How to Get Started

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It’s no secret that I have fallen in love with doodle art, more commonly known as Zentangle. The idea behind Zentangling is that you learn to create simple repetitive patterns then integrate those patterns into a completed art piece. It can be very calming for the spirit and mind to sit and draw repeated patterns. It also exercises the creativity muscles as you learn new patterns as well as decide what patterns will work well together for each piece.

Zentangle doodle drawing|http://emilyjartist.com|meditation|adult coloring
My First Zentangle

What I do is more Zentangle inspired than a true Zentangle. I like to take a quote or an image and add patterns to it for additional visual interest. In addition you can add color and/or shading for very dramatic results. This is the method I am using to create the adult coloring book I am currently working on about pregnancy and labor.

mother and child zentangle|http://emilyjartist.com| inspired art|pregnancy and childbirth|pen and ink|black and white

Getting started in Zentangle is really easy, and can be very inexpensive. You can google “Zentangle pattern step out” and get tons of free instructions on how to draw the different patterns. As far as supplies paper and a black pen are really all you need to get started. Here is what I personally started with.

Zentangle Gem|http://emilyjartist.com|Koh-i-noor woodless colored pencils|Watercolor paper
My first attempt at coloring a gem. I do NOT like this watercolor paper, way too rough.

As I’ve gotten more into it I’ve purchased a few more supplies and books to add to what I can do. As I am trying to incorporate thoughts, quotes, and motivational sayings into my work I have also started learning about modern calligraphy.

Of course my wishlist never ends as well! These are the supplies I would love to try out and add to my collection.

I may or may not have just added a few of these things to my Amazon cart while making this post. Shhh I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me!

What are your favorite supplies or what is on your artist wishlist?

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